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TopoGun 2.00

  • Improved user interface.
  • TopoGun and TopoGun License Server are now available for the Linux operating system.
  • The Symmetry has been rewritten and it works with all the tools. You can create custom Symmetry Planes and Symmetry Warps, so you can use symmetry on arbitrary rotated objects or on objects with slightly asymmetrical features
  • The Morpher extension helps you modify the reference mesh and have the modifications bounced back to the scene geometry. This way you can basically review the highpoly sculpting process after the lowpoly retopologized version was created. The Morpher can also be used for creating lowpoly versions of digitally sculpted blendshapes or for posing lowpoly geometries like their corresponding highpoly references.
  • The Draw tool has been upgraded, it supports two new line types, the Section lines and the Sweep lines, which help you retopologize cylindrical parts of the reference mesh.
  • The new Tubes tool also helps you retopologize cylindrical parts of the reference mesh, by using a slightly different approach.
  • The Brush tool: modify vertices with industry standard brushes and tablet pressure sensitivity support.
  • The Extrude tool allows for border edges extrusions.
  • Double clicking on a border edge in SimpleEdit mode selects the entire border edge loop.
  • File history: access the latest opened/saved scenes from within the File menu.
  • Scene crash recovery makes it impossible to lose any scene data, due to unexpected software errors.
  • Merge Scene: now you can merge polygon data into an existing scene, from external files.
  • To Full Shell command helps selecting the current geometry shell, including its vertices, edges and polygons.
  • The Spin Edges command.
  • Select Path now works on edges too.
  • Online activated license can now be returned to the server via the website (from the Return License page).
  • The Interactive Help System shows an information box in the viewport, for each interface element you move the mouse cursor over.
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